Information Schedules - Public Consultation

Information Schedules 101

Keeping records is an important government activity. A requirement of the Information Management Act is that government records must be managed according to information schedules. These schedules are sets of rules, approved by the Chief Records Officer, that classify specific kinds of government information and manage its lifecycle to ensure that:

  • Records are linked to their business context through classifications,
  • Records with permanent value are identified and protected, and
  • Other records are routinely destroyed when no longer needed.

Before the Chief Records Officer approves an information schedule, it is reviewed and endorsed by stakeholders. Since 2017, online public consultation has been one component of this review process.

Transparency and accountability are important to us. We know these values are also important to British Columbians. Whether it's budget documents, records of children in care, service contracts or any other information that government creates and maintains, we want you to have a say in how this information is managed over time.

Be part of the conversation

What are your thoughts on how long records should be kept? When should they be destroyed? Which records should be preserved in the government archives after they are no longer needed for business purposes?

Any draft information schedules that are currently open for public consultation are available as PDF documents in the table below. You can download the drafts to review them and use the 'Share Your Ideas' link to submit any comments and recommendations by email.

Please note the following:

  • Only comments about retention and/or disposal recommendations will be assessed as part of this process.
  • Your feedback will be considered alongside that of all other stakeholders.
  • Once all reviews and amendments are complete and the Chief Records Officer has given final approval to the schedule, it will be published on the Information Schedules website.

If you have difficulty submitting below, you can email your issues or comments directly to Your contributions are valuable and will help us create an open and transparent records management system.

Information Schedules Currently Open for Public Comment

No open schedules at this time.


For final, approved schedules please see the Information Schedules website.

Please note the Ministry of Citizens’ Services will be collecting your feedback under section 26(c) and 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purposes of evaluating the information schedule consultations. If you have questions about the collection of your feedback, please contact the Senior Archivist at PO Box 9568, STN PROV GOVT Victoria BC, V8W 9K1 or by phone at 250-387-3387.