Fraser Corridor Heritage Landscape Project

Developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, the Fraser Corridor Heritage Landscape Project explores a rich cultural landscape of Chinese Canadian mining sites from the 1800s along the Fraser and connected river systems with the primary intent of encouraging further exploration and cultural and historical awareness.

This study incorporated available research, analysis and funding resources at representative sites to develop a systematic approach for exploring some 500 sites spanning a distance of 600 km of the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers from Hope to Quesnel. Some sites were significant for cultural collaboration and historical interaction between Chinese Canadians and First Nations.

By examining a select few sites, this pilot study has produced a classification framework to identify and measure the significance of historical landscapes. By signifying these places as heritage sites, we can reclaim an important part of BC’s history and recognize the contribution of Chinese-Canadian’s in building our province.

View Fraser Corridor Heritage Landscape Project Report 2014–2015

Historical sites along the Fraser River

A video was produced to explore some of the more remote sites featured in the report. The video provides a rare view of these significant cultural landscapes and the early relationships between Chinese Canadian settlers and local First Nations. View video:

Exploring Historical sites along the Fraser River


Exploring Historical sites along the Fraser River (subtitled)