Local Government Staff Learning & Development (Board of Examiners)

Local government staff can access professional development and certification through programs offered by the Board of Examiners.

The Board of Examiners is established by legislation and is comprised of representatives from the B.C. government, the Local Government Management Association (LGMA) and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM).

The Board of Examiners offers certification programs and scholarships to improve and recognize the professional skills and education of B.C.'s local government staff and build their administrative capacity.

Certification Programs

Certification recognizes the professional standing of local government employees and officers who meet the academic and work experience criteria established by the Local Government Employees Certification Regulation.

Certification is often used by local governments when recruiting or advancing staff. It is not mandatory that a local government employ only certified individuals.

Certificates may be granted by the Board of Examiners in four categories:

Local Government Service Delivery: For staff who are not statutory officials or department heads.

Local Government Administration: For management staff who occupy non-statutory positions.

Local Government Statutory Administration: For staff in corporate or financial administration officer positions.

Local Government Executive Management: For chief administrative officers and deputy chief administrative officers.

Certification Criteria

Certification is granted by the Board of Examiners based on a specified combination of education and work experience related to local government, as established in the Local Government Employees Certification Regulation.

The Certificate in Local Government Executive Management also requires an oral and written presentation to the Board of Examiners on a topic related to local government administration. Certification criteria and additional information are set out in policy documents that accompany the regulation.

Scholarship Programs

The Board of Examiners' offers two scholarship programs that are available to local government staff for any type of professional development, not just certification.

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities Commemorative Scholarship Program

This provincially-funded scholarship program commemorates UBCM's 75th and provides financial assistance to local government employees who:

  • Are taking courses leading to Board of Examiners' certification
  • Wish to upgrade their professional skills through post-secondary studies or other courses relating to local government administration

The Jeff McKelvey Scholarship Program

UBCM established this program in 1986 upon the retirement of the late Jeff McKelvey who served as executive director of the organization for fourteen years.

Any local government employee is eligible to apply for an award to assist in improving job skills.

Board Administration

The Board of Examiners is established under the Local Government Act. Details of the program are established by regulation. The board has three appointed members representing the:

The LGMA also sponsors education programs that form part of the criteria for Board of Examiners' certification, in collaboration with provincial colleges and universities.