Local government financial reporting forms

The local government data entry (LGDE) forms provide a standardized financial measure of local government activities over the previous fiscal year.

Local governments must annually submit to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs their forms by May 15. These forms are a standardized presentation of a local government's financial position and activities, such as assets, liabilities, revenue, expenditures​, over the course of the previous fiscal year (based on the audited financial statements).

The information from these forms is reviewed by ministry staff then presented publicly:

In addition, municipalities must annually submit their current-year tax rates to the ministry using the LGDE forms by May 15.

Local government information reporting system

Local governments electronically submit their LGDE forms and tax forms to the ministry through a central online information and reporting system— the local government information system (LGIS). The LGIS system also enables local governments to:

  • Update organizational contact information
  • Manage capital grant project progress reports, budget forecasting reports, and submit claims

Only authorized users can gain access to LGIS. Authorized local government users will require a business BCeID and password to gain access.

The submitted information is annually reviewed and compiled by ministry staff then published online as statistics schedules. Publication of these financial statistics increases the openness, transparency and accountability of local government financial affairs.

Financial reporting help manuals

Consult the financial help manuals to complete the submissions.