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British Columbia Public Accounts from the year 2000 to present are available online in digital format.

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How to Search Public Accounts

The Public Accounts and their additional information and schedules, from the 1999-2000 fiscal year up to and including the past fiscal year, have been compiled in a searchable archive for information purposes.

Public Accounts Search Filters

Search and filter Public Accounts by:

  1. Fiscal year
  2. Publication or section title
  3. Additional schedule title
  4. Organization type or  sector

A) The Province’s fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends March 31. Use date format YYYY-YYYY or YYYY-YY.

B) Public Accounts are available as an entire volume or as individual sections. Ministerial Accountability Reports are also included. Some fiscal years have special notices.

C) Additional information and schedules accompany the release of the Public Accounts. More detailed descriptions of the contents are available in the documents. Financial statements of government organizations and enterprises are found by selecting Crowns & Agencies Financial Statements, and may be further refined by filter (D).

D) Financial statements of government organizations and enterprises, selected as Crowns & Agencies Financial Statements in filter (C), can be further refined by sector.

Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases within the document text. Names are often listed with the last name preceding the first name.

  • Example: “Doe, John

Some publications are unavailable for certain fiscal years, or have been published in other areas of the provincial website.

Historical Public Accounts

Public Accounts have been published in the Province of British Columbia for over 100 years. Traditionally, the document is presented to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia by the Minister of Finance at the time of publication.

As technology advanced, the B.C. government began offering digital PDF copies of the Public Accounts in the 1990s. The most recent of these documents are available here on the provincial website.

Scanned copies of Public Accounts from years prior to digitization can be found online through various archival resources, such as the Legislative Library or Internet Archive.

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