Find a Historic Place

B.C.’s history is showcased at many different historic sites, museums and other locations. Explore the fascinating legacy of our past by simply travelling through the province. Our heritage is everywhere – just look around!

The following provincial heritage properties are just a few of the historic places that appear on the BC and Canadian Registers of Historic Places that you can explore in British Columbia:

  • Barkerville Historic Town
  • Cottonwood House
  • Emily Carr House
  • Fort Steele Heritage Town
  • The Grist Mill at Keremeos
  • Cole Island
  • Historic Hat Creek Ranch
  • Kilby Store and Farm
  • Point Ellice House
  • Historic Yale
  • Craigflower Manor
  • Craigflower Schoolhouse

National Historic Sites in B.C.

B.C. is home to more than 90 National Historic Sites that include buildings, landscapes, railway stations and lighthouses. Here are just a few examples:

Unique Sites

It may surprise you to learn that these kinds of sites are valued as historic places.


  • Burgess Shale
  • Wapiti Lake
  • Driftwood Canyon
  • McAbee

Underwater Sites


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization works to protect natural and cultural sites worldwide. Why not visit the ones found in B.C.?