Driver Safety

Driver safety is important for people of all ages. While many older people are skilled and experienced drivers, age-related changes can make driving more challenging.

As we age, it’s important that we re-evaluate our driving skills on a regular basis. Learning about how age can affect our driving can help, and so can brushing up on our safe driving skills.

CAA Seniors Driving Site

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has launched an interactive and multimedia web tool designed to help keep senior drivers and their loved ones safe on the road. The website features videos, infographics and evaluations to help seniors to drive safely.

BCAA Road Safety Foundation

The BCAA Road Safety Foundation offers information and resources to help older drivers stay safe – including a Senior Driver Toolkit for older drivers. The toolkit can help drivers adapt to age-related changes, review their own driving, and plan to stay mobile.

How Medications Affect Driving

You should also be aware that some medications can affect your ability to drive. Drugs and the Older Driver (Canada Safety Council) explains how the medications you take may affect your ability to drive. To learn more, see:

Drive BC

Before you drive, check weather conditions, travel hazards, and road closures across the province. See:

Drive Smart

Even experienced drivers can benefit from brushing up on their skills. The Drive Smart guide from ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) provides a great review of road rules and safety strategies.