What to Do if You Fall

If you CAN Get Up

Follow these five steps for getting up:

• Stay calm and assess your situation.

• Turn onto your side, bend the leg that is on top and lift yourself onto your elbows or hands.

• Crawl on your hands and knees toward a chair or other sturdy piece of furniture, then kneel while placing both hands on the stairs or furniture.

• Place your stronger leg in front, holding on to the furniture for support.

• Stand up and, carefully, turn and sit down.

For further information and step by step instructions on how to get up from a fall, go to:

If you CANNOT Get Up

If you think you are injured, or you are feeling dizzy, do not try to get up.

Instead, try to get help and do the following:

• Stay calm and assess your situation.

• If you have an emergency call device or telephone at hand, use it.

• If you don't, call out for help if you think you can be heard or try to slide or crawl towards a telephone or a place where you will be heard.

• Make noise with a cane or any object at hand to attract attention.

• Wait for help in the most comfortable position for you.
• If you can, use anything that is accessible to help you stay comfortable and warm.

• Try to move your joints to ease circulation and prevent stiffness.

For further information on what to do if you fall or see someone else fall, go to:

Produced by Dr. Vicky Scott and the BC Fall and Injury Prevention Coalition