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Seniors’ Falls in Canada: Second Report

This 2014 report from the Public Health Agency of Canada provides policy makers, researchers, community programmers and practitioners with current national information to prevent falls among seniors. It offers an update of our knowledge of falls, injuries and hospitalizations among Canadian adults aged 65 and over, and provides a picture of changes over time.

Falls & Related Injuries among Older Canadians: Fall-related hospitalizations & prevention initiatives

Prepared for the Division of Aging and Seniors, Public Health Agency of Canada, this is an analysis of the 2008/2009 Canadian hospitalization data for fall-related injuries among persons aged 65 years and older. The analysis is followed by the results of a scan of fall prevention programs currently operating across Canada. The appendices to this document include a list of definitions of terms, the survey tool used in the scan of programs, and the Canadian Institute for Health Information epidemiological data.

Healthy Aging Through Fall Prevention Among Older Aboriginal People: From Many Voices To A Shared Vision

Prepared in partnership with Centre for Aboriginal Health Research, the Centre of Excellence on Mobility, Fall Prevention and Injury in Aging, the B.C. Injury Research and Prevention Unit and the Ministry of Health, this report summarizes a ‘first of its kind’ symposium to guide future steps for improving the health of older Aboriginal people through the reduction of risk for falls and related injuries.