Stu Deeks


If you believe that getting older means slowing down, then you haven’t met Stu Deeks. Whether he is teaching spinning classes at the local gym twice a week, skiing or snowboarding in the winter, or riding on local bike trails in the summer, this 60-year-old Cranbrook resident and Healthy Living Ambassador epitomizes ageless active living.

Ambassadors in Cranbrook meet once a week to participate in various recreational activities and volunteer two hours a week at the Cranbrook Seniors Park to coach Cranbrook residents on how to use the equipment.

Stu says as people get into their 60s and 70s they need to keep moving and the park is designed for low-impact activities which are ideal for older people and integral to staying active. As for Stu Deeks, he plans on growing younger, not older, next year. You can find him at the park twice a week, where Stu continues to motivate the participants at the park.

For more information about the parks and to watch instructional videos, please visit the Seniors' Community Parks videos web page.