Daily Care Tips and Advice

To help caregivers with the daily routine of caring for an elderly person, we've compiled the following list of tips and advice on specific care topics.


For detailed information about nutrition for seniors, see our section on:

Medication Management

For detailed information about ensuring medication safety for seniors, see our page about:

For information on how to help seniors use, track, and communicate about the medications they are taking, see:

Personal Aids and Transports

For detailed information about devices that can help the elderly maintain mobility and independence, see our page about:

Changing Bedding

To learn how to change the bedding when a person is confined to his or her bed, read:

Bathing, Grooming, and Dressing

Read about bathing challenges for seniors and get some suggestions for how caregivers can assist with grooming.

To learn how to establish a bathing routine for someone with a cognitive impairment, as well as special safety considerations, see:

Read about dressing challenges for seniors and find tips for providing assistance.

Dental Care

Learn how to help seniors brush and floss their teeth, care for complete or partial dentures, and increase gum tissue hygiene.


To read about different types of incontinence, and learn how to manage incontinence effectively at home, go to:

Safety In The Home

For detailed information about making a home safe for an elderly person, see our page:

Use our list of home safety ideas to ensure that the home of the person you care for is set up to prevent falls.