Self Care

Self care is critical for caregivers. Without it, you will eventually lose the ability to care for others.

Think of it this way. If you have ever been a passenger on an airline, you have been taught by a flight attendant how to use the oxygen masks in the very unlikely event of a cabin de-pressurization. The flight attendant will stress that you MUST put your own mask on before attempting to help any children or others with whom you are travelling.

Self care for a caregiver is exactly like donning your own oxygen mask first. You need self care in order to be able to help others in need.

Caregivers can use the following resources to start a regular program of self care.

  • Family Caregivers of BC - This organization provides tips on caring for the caregiver as well as free online support groups.

The following resources provide self care information and guidance for caregivers' providing help to people with specific disorders.

A nurse's advice to family caregivers