Children & Teens in Need of Care

Children in need of care range in age from babies to teens (under 19 years old), and come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. Many are in care with their brothers and sisters – every effort is made to keep them in foster homes together.

Some children come into foster care through voluntary agreements with parents or guardians who ask for temporary help because of illness, family issues or parent/child conflicts. Some families need help providing specialized care to a child who has:

  • Physical or developmental delays
  • Medical needs
  • Mental health, emotional or behavioural needs

Many children are in care because they're victims of abuse or neglect in their own homes. They are protected and placed in foster care by court order because of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect.

Find out how families who need foster support are helped to make changes needed so that their children can be returned.

For the majority of children, separation from their families is a difficult experience. Children need encouragement and support to heal and grow. They will not forget their own family and will want to stay in touch with them – caregivers need to support and help strengthen their family relationships.

If you're thinking about fostering a child or teen, take time to consider these points:

  • Is each member of your family willing to share their home?
  • Are you willing to discuss with your family how their lives will be affected?
  • Do you have the time to provide care and attention for a child or teen, their family and others on their care team?
  • Are you in good enough physical and mental health to cope with the added stress?
  • Do you have patience, imagination and a sense of humour?

Feel free to discuss your situation with someone who knows how the foster system works:

Learn about the kinds of children coming into care and how their needs differ: