Mining & Smelting Waste Guidance Documents

General Guidance

  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Guidance (PDF, 1.2 MB)
    • A Conceptual Site Model is an optional approach to support Environmental Management Act (EMA) effluent permitting applications. A CSM is an approach that could enable the proponent to convey existing information requirements in a format that may be more easily understood by a range of stakeholders, including Indigenous groups and the public. A CSM does not replace other requirements under the EMA or its regulations, application process, the use of an Information Requirement Table or Technical Assessment Report.
  • Joint Act Permit Application Information Requirements (PDF)
    • ​​This document sets out the information that is required to support a joint application for a Mines Act permit and an effluent discharge permit under EMA issued by the B.C. government. It is intended for both new and existing major mines, including major expansions. The combined technical information requirements are intended to reduce overlap in information required by the ministries responsible and enable one application, or bundled applications, to be submitted for review.
  • Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage (ML/ARD) Guidance and Policy (PDF)
    • ML/ARD can be a significant environmental issue at mines in B.C. These documents guide proponents in assessing and mitigating ML/ARD issues within the B.C. regulatory framework.
  • Dust Management Plan Guidance (PDF)
    • This document provides guidance for development of fugitive dust management plans.

Technical Guidance

Fact Sheets

  • Parameters of Concern Fact Sheet (PDF)
    This fact sheet outlines the process that mining proponents must follow to identify parameters of concern (POCs) for mine-related effluent discharges to marine or freshwater aquatic environments. This is a process of identifying applicable parameters for a site that may have some level of risk. 
  • Mining Operations Fact Sheet (PDF)
    The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the B.C. government's responsibilities regarding regulation of mining operations, and a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of each provincial agency involved, and that of the proponent.
  • Industrial Camps Fact Sheet (PDF)
    When camps are established to house workers within B.C. waste is generated. This document provides guidance on what should be done to manage waste from camps with emphasis on authorizations required by the government. Information is also provided for best management practices when authorization is not required.
  • Best Achievable Technology Fact Sheet (PDF)
    A summary of the B.C. government's approach to determining best achievable technology for controlling discharges to the environment.​
  • Long-Term Average vs. Short-Term Maximum Water Quality Guidelines Fact Sheet (PDF)
    An overview of when to use long-term average vs. short-term maximum water quality guidelines.
  • Water Quality Management Fact Sheet (PDF)
    An infographic showing how water quality guidelines, water quality objectives, and science-based environmental benchmarks are used.