Mining & Smelting Waste Guidance Documents

Environmental Management Act Technical Guidance

Fact Sheets

  • Mining Operations Fact Sheet (PDF)
    • The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of MoE’s responsibilities regarding regulation of mining operations, and a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of each provincial agency involved, and that of the proponent.
  • Industrial Camps Fact Sheet (PDF)
    • When camps are established to house workers within BC, waste is generated. This document provides guidance on what should be done to manage waste from camps with emphasis on authorizations required by the BC Ministry of Environment. Information is also provided for best management practices when authorization is not required.
  • Best Achievable Technology Fact Sheet (PDF)
    • A summary of MOE’s approach to determining Best Achievable Technology for controlling discharges to the environment.​
  • Long-Term Average vs. Short-Term Maximum Water Quality Guidelines Fact Sheet (PDF)
    • An overview of when to use long-term average vs. short-term maximum water quality guidelines