Mining and smelting waste guidance documents

General guidance

  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Guidance (PDF, 1.2 MB)
    • A Conceptual Site Model is an optional approach to support the Environmental Management Act (EMA) effluent permitting applications. A CSM is an approach that could enable the proponent to convey existing information requirements in a format that may be more easily understood by a range of stakeholders, including Indigenous groups and the public. A CSM does not replace other requirements under the EMA or its regulations, application process, the use of an Information Requirement Table or Technical Assessment Report
  • Joint Act Permit Application Information Requirements (PDF, 637KB)
    • ​​Sets out the information that's required to support a joint application for a Mines Act permit and an effluent discharge permit under EMA issued by the B.C. government. It's intended for both new and existing major mines, including major expansions. The combined technical information requirements are intended to reduce overlap in the information required by the ministries responsible and enable one application, or bundled applications, to be submitted for review
  • Information Requirements Table (PDF, 210KB)
    • Accompanies Information Requirements Table to support the Joint Application Information Requirements. Refer to the Joint Application Information Requirements and all other reference material and guidance in reviewing the Information Requirements Table. This Table will be used in the Pre-application discussions to help document the Information Requirements to support a Joint Mines Act and Environmental Management Act application
  • Metal leaching and acid rock drainage (ML/ARD) guidance and policy
    • ML/ARD can be a significant environmental issue at mines in B.C. These documents guide proponents in assessing and mitigating ML/ARD issues within the B.C. regulatory framework
  • Guidance to Preparing Effective Plans for Environmental Management Act Permits (PDF, 302KB)
    • Recommends best practices and serves as a general reference for Qualified Professionals who are responsible for preparing management plans in response to regulatory requirements. Provides advice on the types of language to include in a plan to ensure that when it's implemented, the actions stipulated are clear and effective

Technical guidance

Fact sheets