Waste to Energy

Waste management in B.C. is guided by the 5 R pollution prevention hierarchy (the hierarchy). The 5 R's are: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, and Residuals Management. The hierarchy is a principle in the Guide to Solid Waste Management Planning (PDF) which local governments use when looking at opportunities to improve their solid waste management system. All possible waste management opportunities should be explored before moving down a level. For example, reduction and reuse opportunities should be explored before recycling opportunities are considered.

A waste to energy (WTE) facility uses municipal waste in an energy recovery process. WTE is an allowable activity under the Environmental Management Act. Before regional districts consider WTE as an option, they should first set and achieve targets for reducing waste at the higher levels of the hierarchy—reduction, reuse and/or recycling.

Guidance Materials

The following are guidance materials for waste to energy operations.