CleanBC organic infrastructure and collection program

The CleanBC Organics Infrastructure and Collection Program (OICP) will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by diverting increased amounts of organic waste from material that is currently being sent to landfills.

The OICP will support communities throughout BC, by investing up to $25.7 million in new, or expanded, organic waste processing infrastructure, and residential organic waste collection programs. The Province will contribute to up to two-thirds of eligible project costs, to facilitate the diversion and processing of organic waste.

Under the OICP, eligible applicants, such as eligible Indigenous governing bodies, regional districts and municipalities, were able to apply for funding through two distinct project streams:

  1. Organic Processing Infrastructure: Funding under this stream will support eligible applicants with the building of new, or the expansion of existing, organic waste processing infrastructure that will result in increased processing capacity.

  2. Residential Curbside Collection: Funding under this stream will support eligible applicants in the development of new, or the expansion of existing, residential organic waste curbside collection programs that result in an increased amount of organic waste diverted from landfills. Under this stream, funding will be provided for program materials, such as the purchasing of curbside and/or kitchen collection bins, development of communication and educational outreach packages and/or programs, and the initial distribution of funded materials, to residents.

The application period for the program closed as of:

  • Organic Processing Infrastructure stream: February 4, 2021 [4:00 pm PST]
  • Residential Curbside Collection stream: February 2, 2021 [4:00 pm PST]

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact us by emailing


Further information regarding the program and the B.C. Biogas and Composting Facility Greenhouse Gas Calculation Tool:

  1. Program Guide – CleanBC Organic Infrastructure and Collection Program (PDF, 874KB)
  2. B.C. Biogas & Composting Facility Greenhouse Gas Calculation Tool (XLS, 313KB)
    1. B.C. Biogas & Composting Facility Greenhouse Gas Tool: Methodology Overview (PDF, 1.2MB)