Project Description and Location: This project maps sensitive ecosystems at higher elevations in the Narmata area, on the east side of Okanagan Lake.

Project partners: The project was funded and completed by the B.C. Ministry of Environment through the ecology staff at the BC Conservation Data Centre. 

Project objectives: This project is a re-map and upgrade of an earlier project completed in 2004. Upgrades include the removal of non-SEI components of polygons where possible, adding proportion values (deciles) to all polygon components and better capture of riparian and wetland ecosystems.

Standards and scale used: The project does not follow the Standard for Mapping Ecosystems at Risk in B.C. 2006, although it does have the same database structure. The mapping was completed in May 2006 at 1:20,000 scale.

Data & Reports

Report author: Rod Dalzeil

Digital files on EcoCatSensitive Ecosystems Inventory - Naramata