Discovery Islands

Project Description and Location: The Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping (DIEM) is a Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory (SEI) that encompasses the Discovery Islands archipelago of 72,000 terrestrial hectares. It includes Quadra, Cortes, Read, Maurelle, Sonora, Stuart, East Redonda, West Redonda and the Rendezvous Islands. The SEI was created largely from themes based on existing Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) and Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI) data and from predictive models using ArcSIE software. Biophysical enduring features were also mapped.

Project partners: This community-based mapping project was initiated by residents of Read and Cortes Islands. The project also received encouragement and support from scientists, government, citizens and community organizations.

Project objectives: The Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping (DIEM) project was created to provide a comprehensive visual reference that local communities, governments, and land managers can use to better understand the area and enlighten discussions about resources and development.

Standards and scale used: SEI themes on TEM mapping followed the Standard for Mapping Ecosystems at Risk in British Columbia (2006). Field surveys were completed at survey intensity level 4 with a goal of 20% or more of the polygons sampled. Sampling methods followed the Field Guide to Describing Ecosystems in the Field (2010). Mapping is presented at 1:20 000 scale.

Data and Reports

Report Authors: Eve Flager and Ryan Durand

Digital files on EcoCat: Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping