Bella Vista - Goose Lake Range

Project Description and Location: The project is a Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory themed from Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM). The study area area covers 5728 ha on private land, Indian Reserve land, and a small area of crown land along the Bella Vista and Goose Lake Range west of the City of Vernon. 

Project partners: Allan Brooks Nature Centre and the Okanagan Indian Band initiated the project proposal and the Real Estate Foundation of BC provided most of the funding with contributions from the provincial government and the City of Vernon.

A steering committee that included local government, Okanagan Indian Band, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Okanagan University College, and Allan Brooks Nature Centre provided project direction.

Project objectives: The Bella Vista – Goose Lake Range SEI was initiated to provide inventory information on rare and fragile ecosystems to be used for ecologically sustainable land use and development planning.

Standards and scale used: The TEM followed the 1998 Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in B.C. and the 2000 Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping Digital Data Capture. Mapping was completed at 1:20 000 scale. The sensitive ecosystems theme followed the methods used in the Central Okanagan SEI project. 

Data & Reports

Report authors:  K. Iverson and J. Shypitka

Digital files on EcoCatSensitive Ecosystems Inventory - Bella Vista - Goose Lake Range