Okanagan Large Lakes Foreshore Protocol

Foreshore and riparian areas are important for biodiversity and provide valuable habitat for many species. During the planning and evaluation of works affecting the foreshore, consideration needs to be given to applicable legislation and to ensuring that any works do not impose direct or long term cumulative impacts to the environmental values at the site.

This Protocol document applies to all works below the high water mark on the following “large lakes”: Mabel, Sugar, Okanagan, Kalamalka, Wood, Skaha, Osoyoos. It will be used as guidance for all other lakes in the Okanagan area of the Thompson Okanagan Region (e.g., Vaseux Lake). This document may also be utilized by provincial and federal agencies, and local governments in planning and decision making processes.  

The environmental values focused on in this document include shore spawning kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka), freshwater mussels, and foreshore plants, all of which are a priority for management direction. 

January 2018 Update

In January of 2018 the Ecosystems Section updated the Okanagan Large Lakes Foreshore Protocol and developed additional accompanying guidance documents. These new documents replace the Okanagan Large Lakes Foreshore Protocol dated May 2009. 

Guidance for Marina Applications in the Thompson-Okanagan Region

This document provides guidance to applicants and qualified professionals on Change Approval applications for marinas or marina repairs within the Thompson–Okanagan Region.  The intent of the guidance is to provide the applicant information regarding the typical requirements of a complete application.  For any questions, please contact Yi Li, P.Eng., Regional Water Management, at (250) 490-2865.