Northeast Water Strategy

The Northeast Water Strategy was released on March 20, 2015 and is a proactive, long-term approach for the sustainable use and management of water resources in Northeast B.C. The Strategy recognizes that water is our most valuable resource; necessary for all life to exist, for communities to be healthy and for our economy to thrive.

Partnerships & Collaborative Projects

Many partners were involved in the development of the Northeast Water Strategy. These groups included the provincial and local governments, First Nations and industry. Implementing the Strategy will require ongoing cooperation and coordination. Working together to protect water sources, manage water demands, and modernize water systems and infrastructure is essential in ensuring the sustainable use of water, now and into the future.

Action Areas

Five action areas have been identified to achieve Northeast B.C.’s water stewardship objectives, based on water issues identified by First Nations, other levels of government, industry, and local communities: 

  1. Enhance information to support decision-making
  2. Strengthen the regulatory regime
  3. Co-ordinate and streamline decision-making processes
  4. Enhance monitoring and reporting
  5. Build a water stewardship ethic

These actions recognize both the existing water stewardship and management activities, and the current future demands for water resources.

Key Resources

There are many resources helpful in managing water in Northeast B.C. including tools, databases and maps.