Air Quality Advisories

Issued Advisories


Location Advisory Type Status


Vernon Road Dust Advisory (PDF) Continued March 4, 2021
Quesnel Road Dust Advisory (PDF) Issued March 4, 2021

Advisories are updated during regular business hours. Outside business hours, visit Environment Canada's Public Weather Alerts for BC.

About Air Quality Advisories

An air quality advisory is issued when pollutant concentrations approach or exceed predetermined limits, or when degraded-air-quality episodes are expected to continue or worsen.

Advisories are issued in order to:

  • inform about degraded air quality;
  • help people make informed choices about reducing their exposure to elevated concentrations of air pollutants;
  • affect emission reduction actions (such as a limit on industrial emissions and/or wood stove use); and
  • provide vulnerable individuals and the general public with health advice developed by BC health agencies.

About Smoky Skies Bulletins

The Smoky Skies Bulletin is a special type of public advisory to communicate the rapidly changing nature of wildfire smoke. It is issued when areas of the province are being impacted or have reasonable potential to be impacted by wildfire smoke within 24-48 hours. These bulletins are based on available pollutant concentrations information, satellite information, smoke forecast models and visual observations, and are not intended to manage local emission sources.