Program Incentives

There are no fees payable when you register your ESOP plan or apply for tax credits.

Tax Credits

The ESOP provides employees with a 20% tax credit for making investments in their employers' businesses. B.C. residents can claim up to $2,000 in ESOP tax credits annually; these credits are not refundable. There is no lifetime limit on the amount of the tax credit. Please see the Tax Credits section of the FAQs.

Tax Benefits

In most cases, investments can be made from or transferred to self-directed RRSPs, which can result in further tax savings.

Cost Sharing

The Government of British Columbia will reimburse the company certain eligible costs. These are listed in the Cost Sharing section of the FAQs.

Analyst Assistance

Venture Capital Tax Credit Program staff can provide you with sample plans and concrete examples of successful ESOP plan terms. They will guide you through the process from the initial consultation with employees to applying for tax credit certificates.