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What you'll need

This process will help you determine if you need a permit and any other forms.

Have these details ready:

  • The child's age
  • What type of work the child will perform
  • Whether the child will work on any day when school is in session (including before, during or after school hours, or on weekends)

If you're an employer and ready to submit an application, you might also need:

  • The employer's legal and operating name(s), industry type, B.C. registry number, WorkSafeBC registration number and clearance letter
  • Contact information for the person filling out the application, a contact person at the employer and each director of the business
  • Contact information for a parent or guardian
  • The child's name, date of birth and grade level in school
  • The child's proposed job title, rate of pay and hours of work
  • The address of any location where the child will work
  • Completed Parent or Guardian Declaration form (PDF)
  • Completed School Recommendation form (PDF)


Hiring children requires permission from a parent or guardian. Depending on the circumstances, a permit may be required from Employment Standards as well.

Children who are under 15 years old cannot:

  • Be required to work during school hours
  • Work more than 4 hours on school days
  • Work more than 7 hours on a non-school day
  • Work more than 20 hours in a week with 5 school days
  • Work more than 35 hours a week when school is not in session

You can find out whether a child employment permit is needed in your situation by following these steps.



Before you start

Make sure you have all the information listed in "What you'll need" above.


Describe your situation

Solution Explorer will ask you a series of questions. Depending on your answers, you may be directed to have the following forms filled out:


Start Solution Explorer

Click Start to launch Solution Explorer. Select Employment Standards - Child Employment Permits to begin your exploration.

Tip: For quick access to the online application, record your access code from the Summary Report screen. You can use it to continue an exploration the next time you start Solution Explorer.


Find answers

Ask a question or get confidential support about your situation.

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