Oil & Gas Field Workers Who Are Paid Other Than by an Hourly Rate - Regulation Part 7, Section 37.6


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This section lists the employees who are covered by the provisions of sections 37.61 to 37.65 of the Regulation. 

Text of Legislation

37.6 Sections 37.61 to 37.65 apply in respect of employees who

(a) work for an employer in the oil and gas well drilling and servicing industry,
(b) are primarily engaged in

(i)  any of the following on site activities:

(A)  drilling, evaluating, stimulating, completing, re-completing, enhancing production or optimizing services of an oil or gas well;
(B)  performing remedial treatment of an oil or gas well;
(C)  providing safety services or other services unrelated to the administration of the employer’s business, for an oil or gas well, and

(ii)  transporting oilfield equipment, or
(iii)  oil or gas well site preparation,

(c) have a compensation system other than an hourly rate, and
(d) are not working under an averaging agreement under section 37 of the Act.

Policy Interpretation

In order to be covered by Regulations 37.61 through 37.65, employees must have a compensation system other than an hourly rate, and not be working under an averaging agreement.

These employees primarily work in the activities listed in the regulation.

Related Information


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