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Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act

  • Bill 23 received Royal Assent on August 14, 2020, bringing significant changes to the Workers Compensation Act. Please see our Bulletin for more information.

EAO COVID-19 Service Impacts

  • In-person seminars remain on hold during the pandemic
  • Our Joint Committee webinar offerings have been posted
  • Recordings of our COVID-19 – WorkSafeBC Claims and COVID-19 – Refusal of Unsafe Work webinars are found here: Recorded Webinars
  • E-learning courses are available
  • We are working on innovative ways to get our training out to you
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Need help registering your business?

Starting up a business can be challenging. Let us help you register your business to ensure that you and your workers are covered should an injury occur at work.

An Employers’ Adviser can:

  • Describe the purpose of registration
  • Explain eligibility requirements and registration exemptions
  • Advise as to what information you will need to register
  • Show you how to register online
  • Explain the classification system and how your premiums are determined

Need help with an injury claim?

One of your worker’s has a back injury arising from lifting a heavy box at work and seeks medical attention and time off to recover. What do you need to do?

An Employers’ Adviser can:

  • Explain your obligation to report the incident to WorkSafeBC
  • Show you how to find and complete the necessary Form 7
  • Advise how to manage the claim
  • Describe the benefits of a return-to-work plan and how to implement it
  • Explain the impact the claim may have on your premiums

Need help with health and safety?

A Prevention Officer tells you that you need safety program, but you don’t know where to start.

An Employer’s Adviser can:

  • Help you navigate the safety regulations governing your business activities
  • Explain your safety obligations for your workers and your workplace
  • Describe due diligence and how you can achieve it

Want to appeal a decision?

WorkSafeBC may make a decision that you don’t agree with. Perhaps you don’t think your worker hurt herself at work. Or maybe you discover your competitor is classified differently and its premiums are lower than yours. Or a Prevention Officer decided you committed a safety violation and has written an order recommending an administrative penalty (monetary fine).

An Employers’ Adviser can:

  • Represent you at both the Review Division (first level of appeal) and at the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (second level of appeal)
  • Write submissions (arguments) on your behalf
  • Attend oral hearings with you and examine and cross-examine witnesses

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Who We Are:

The Employers’ Advisers Office (EAO) is a branch of the Ministry of Labour. Our office was created under the Workers Compensation Act to provide advice and assistance to employers in British Columbia regarding claims, health and safety and assessments (premiums).

We are funded by the contributions made by employers to the workers’ compensation system, and therefore there is no fee for our services.

The EAO is completely independent from WorkSafeBC, allowing us to advise employers in confidence.

In addition to our client services, we consult with WorkSafeBC officials from the employer’s perspective. We make recommendations to the policy departments, executive, and Board of Directors for the betterment of the workers’ compensation system overall.

We are experts in all facets of the workers’ compensation system.

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