Non-Union Agency Compensation & Employee Turnover

In 2017, all non-CSSEA/non-HEABC (“non-union”) social services agencies who receive government funding are being asked to complete the Compensation and Employee Turnover survey.  All agencies’ eligibility to receive Government funding for wage increases after April 1, 2018 is directly contingent on their completion of the 2017 survey and onwards.

What is the survey for?

This survey is an initiative coordinated by Government funders of social services to collect employee workforce and compensation data from non-CSSEA/non-HEABC contracted social service agencies.

The data collected is targeted to help the B.C. Government better understand the non-union social services sector’s compensation costs, employee turnover rates and human resource demographics.

The 2017 survey collects calendar year 2016 information on:

  • wages, benefits, paid hours and employee counts; and
  • workforce demographics (e.g. gender, age, seniority), benefit participation, employee turnover, vacancies, funding and the number of contracts.

The data gathered by the survey is not employee-specific and personal identifiers are not collected.    The survey data is presented to Government in aggregate format so that agency anonymity is protected.

How will this data help the social services sector?

The data is being collected to inform Government decisions regarding funding of the non-union sector and will support business cases for extended and future negotiated wage increases to non-union agencies.  The data will also provide non-CSSEA/non-HEABC agencies with useful benchmark information to support recruitment and retention strategies, better understanding of shifting labour force demographics, and enhance the long-term sustainability of the social services sector in B.C.

What are the timelines of this initiative?

The 2017 survey, covering 2016 calendar year data, will be available for agencies to complete from February 1, 20017 and must be completed and returned by May 31, 2017.