B.C. Employer Training Grant


The B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) replaces the Canada-B.C. Job Grant, and is funded through the negotiated Workforce Development Agreement. This program is designed to assist employers in providing skills training to new or current employees that will develop skills and certification, upgrade skills needed due to automation and enhance productivity.

The goal of the ETG is to help unemployed and employed British Columbians access the skills training they need to adapt to the changing requirements of jobs and the labour market while encouraging employer involvement in training of their employees.

The maximum an employer can receive per fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) is $300,000 in total government funding.

There are four streams under which employers can apply, based on skills training needs:

  1. Employment Transition Training Stream

  2. Foundational Training Stream

  3. Technical Skills Training Stream 

  4. Workforce Training Stream 

The resource document Choosing the Right Stream? is available to assist you in your stream selection.

Special Requirements 

Eligible Applicants:

  • All private and non-profit employers operating in B.C. 
  • Self-employed (including contractors)
  • Unions
  • Indigenous governments

Additional criteria:

  • Employers must have a job for the participant at their company once training is completed
  • Employers must submit their application on their own behalf, using their Business BCeID (third parties cannot apply on an employer’s behalf). Please click here to apply for your BCeID
  • Employers must be in good standing with the Province Please 

 Refer to the Eligibility Criteria for a complete list of eligibility requirements.  

Last updated: November 29, 2018