Business Attraction Video Highlights Local Value Proposition and Draws Investors


Township of Langley

The Challenge

A diversified economy is critical to sustaining a healthy business climate. The greater the variety of business sectors that support our community, the greater the opportunities for businesses to be successful, expand and grow; and the greater we as a community will have to maintain and leverage a viable economic strategy.

The Solution

The economic development department worked on the Business Attraction Video over the course of a year. The goal of the video was to send a clear message: that the Township of Langley is the place to do business. An array of business owners (farms and vineyards, accountants, manufacturers, clothing retailers, airport services) attest through the video to the business-friendly attitude of the local government, the pool of talent and the lifestyle amenities at hand. The 6 minute video is available on a USB stick, which allows for easy distribution to a variety of audiences. 

In November 2015, the YNJ Langley Regional Airport secured a booth at the Helicopter Association Convention at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This conference attracts delegates from around the world. Armed with hundreds of “aerospace” customized marketing USB sticks, YNJ staff networked with delegates from the Lower Mainland and overseas.

Since the convention, there has been a significant spike in business location interest on the YNJ grounds, to the extent that considerations for a new 3-floor terminal are being made in addition to Transport Canada’s interest in building a new Control Tower at YNJ.


  • Offering this value-proposition marketing collateral through a small USB stick enables staff to distribute it widely
  • Local businesses find the USB stick easy to use to spark growth, expansion and investor interests


  • High-end, value-proposition marketing collateral
  • Reach to entrepreneurs and investors – from local to international level
  • Digital collateral for new websites and

Lessons Learned

  • Genuine remarks by business owners can provide potential investors with the confidence to explore further
  • Having value-proposition materials available through a mobile device allows for nimble and agile marketing

December 8, 2016