Now that you are a licenced security worker

Read your licence carefully to ensure it is correct. It should identify you and:

  • The types of security services you are authorized to perform, as well as
  • Any conditions attached to your licence

If you have any concerns about your licence, contact Security Programs.

What to Know

  • You may only use restraints or work with a dog with the Registrar’s authorization, which is listed on the back of your licence along with any conditions.
  • You must carry your licence at all times when doing security work.
  • You must produce and show the front of your licence to anyone who requests to see it.
    • “Produce” does not mean you are required to give possession of your licence to anyone except to a peace officer or security inspector.
    • The requirement to produce a licence does not apply to security workers performing the work of an armoured car guard or a door person at a licensed liquor establishment, except upon request of a peace officer or security inspector.
  • You may not operate a security business unless you have a security business licence.
  • You may not carry a badge.
  • You may not wear over-the-shoulder equipment belts linked to waist belts (known as Sam Browne belts.)
  • You may not carry or use a baton, taser, pepper spray or any other item designed to injure or control another person or animal while you are working.

What to Do

  • When you use force against another person, you must record in writing all details of the incident. Force includes:
    • Restraining a person
    • Using handcuffs
    • When a dog you are authorized to use attacks a person, or
    • Applying a physical force or a weapon against another person
  • You must advise the Registrar if there is a change in your:
    • Contact information
    • Legal name
    • Mental health condition, or
    • Status as a peace officer
  • You must notify the Registrar within 14 days if you:

All these changes may be reported using the form Reporting an Update to Current Security Worker Licence (PDF).

Processes Affecting You


  • Anyone who has a complaint about your conduct as a security worker can make a complaint to the Registrar, which may lead to an investigation.

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Your compliance with the conditions and responsibilities of your licence is monitored through inspections and complaints. If the information collected as a result of an inspection or investigation shows that you have committed a contravention, action may be taken against you.