Renewing, replacing or updating an Armoured Vehicle Permit

Renewing a Permit

Your permit is valid for five years and must be renewed before it expires.

To renew a permit:

If your renewal application is refused, the fee cannot be refunded.

Replacing a Permit

You must carry your permit whenever you are operating an armoured vehicle.
If your permit is lost or stolen, you must submit a Request for Replacement of Current Permit to Operate an Armoured Vehicle form to the Registrar within 14 days.

Updating a Permit

You must notify the Registrar within 14 days of:

  • A change in your employment (if the operation of an armoured vehicle under the permit is for the purposes of that employment)
  • A change in your circumstances such that you no longer require the permit for a purpose prescribed under section 4 (1) (d) the act
  • A change in your residential address, or
  • Any new criminal charges or convictions against you

To report a change, submit Reporting an Update to Current Permit to Operate an Armoured Vehicle to the Registrar.