Quality Assurance Process Audit

The Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA) is an external review process to ensure that public post-secondary institutions periodically conduct rigorous, ongoing program and institutional quality assessment.  All B.C. public institutions participate in the QAPA once every seven years. 


The QAPA was developed by the Quality Assurance Audit Committee, a standing committee of the Degree Quality Assessment Board.  The Committee is comprised of representatives from the public institutions and the Board.  Use the resources below to find out more:

The QAPA was launched as a two year pilot in Fall of 2016. Following the pilot, the Committee undertook an evaluation of the process.  The Committee considered feedback from the pilot institutions as well as the QAPA assessors. The QAPA documents were updated after the evaluation was completed.

In the interest of transparency and accountability, the results of the QAPA and institutional responses will be posted on both the institution’s website and the DQAB’s website.


On November 23, 2017, over 50 quality assurance practitioners from across British Columbia participated in the “Quality Assurance Process Audit: Initial Learning & Context” forum held in Vancouver.  The forum focused on the lessons learned in the first couple of years of the QAPA.  Five institutions shared their approach to planning and organizing for the QAPA.  Participants also heard from speakers about the quality assurance practices in other provinces.

We are grateful to the speakers who have agreed to share their presentations.  Please see the Biographical Notes for further information on speakers and panelists.

Keynote Address: Canadian and International Trends in Quality Assurance, Dr. Ronald Bond

Panel: Quality Assurance in Canada

A pan-Canadian panel reflects on quality assurance practices in Canada.

•    Dr. Karen Belfer, Ontario College Quality Assurance Service
•    Dr. Art Quinney, Campus Alberta Quality Council
•    Dr. Jean-François Richard, Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission Board
•    Dr. Donna Woolcott, formerly Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance
•    Moderator: Dr. John Stubbs

Panel: Using the QAPA for Quality Improvement

Simon Fraser University and Vancouver Island University completed the first year pilot. Hear about their experience from an institutional perspective and the perspective of the QAPA assessors.

•    Dr. Glynn Nicholls, Simon Fraser University
•    Dr. Carol Stuart, Vancouver Island University
•    Mr. Darrell Bethune, College of the Rockies
•    Dr. Art Quinney, Campus Alberta Quality Council
•    Moderator: Dr. Douglas Owram

Panel: Preparing for the QAPA

Learn how three diverse institutions prepared for the QAPA. A panel from Okanagan College, Royal Roads University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology discuss strategies used and challenges encountered.

•    Dr. Beverlie Dietze, Okanagan College
•    Dr. Steve Grundy, Royal Roads University
•    Ms. Kathy Siedlaczek, British Columbia Institute of Technology
•    Moderator: Dr. Robert Fleming