Qualifications of External Experts

External experts appointed to either an organization or degree program review panel must possess the following characteristics:

  • Be committed to the principles and practices of quality assurance in post-secondary education
  • Be recognized by their peers for having a broad outlook, open mind, and sound judgment
  • Provide full disclosure and be free of any actual or perceived conflict of interest regarding an applicant/institution, in accordance with the Board’s policy
  • Have demonstrated oral and written communication skills, preferably including conducting reviews and writing formal reports to strict deadlines

The Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy applies to external experts conducting a review or an audit.

Organization Review Experts

If necessary, the board will establish an organization review panel of qualified external assessors (normally three) to review an applicant organization against the established criteria. Panel members may have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Senior management experience in a post-secondary institution
  • Accounting expertise and certification with experience in corporate financial management
  • Experience in the admissions and registrar functions at a post-secondary institution, including admissions policies and academic records management
  • Experience in managing learning resources and/or infrastructure
  • Private sector consultants specializing in organization design and behavior, or assessment and evaluation

Degree Program Review Experts

Where necessary and deemed appropriate, the board will appoint one or more qualified external subject matter experts to review a degree program application against the established criteria. Since the panel’s main purpose is to conduct a quality assessment of a degree proposal, panels will normally possess the following specific criteria:

  • An advanced academic credential related to the subject area under review (normally at the doctoral level in the discipline or terminal level if in a particular field)
  • Relevant academic experience in areas such as quality assessment (e.g., as appraisers for accrediting bodies or as reviewers of degree programs), curriculum design, teaching and learning, and administration
  • Any required or desired professional credentials and/or related work experience