Environmental Learning

The following resources assist K-12 educators in incorporating environmental sustainability ideas and concepts into their teaching.

Sustainable School Best Practice Guide

The guide addresses key actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the wise use of resources such as energy and water.

The Sustainability Course Content: Curriculum Framework

The framework includes topic areas and possible learning outcomes to assist educators in their development of sustainability-related course content for Board Authority/Authorized courses.

Environmental Learning and Experience: An Interdisciplinary Guide for Teachers

The guide outlines key principles for environmental learning and how to integrate them into teaching.

Video Resources

Environmental Learning and Experience
Environmental Learning and Experience
(WMV, 7.3 MB)

Learning Together: The Environmental Framework
(WMV, 16.3 MB)

Case Study: Complexity
Case Study: Complexity – Kilmer Elementary
(WMV, 12 MB)

Case Study: Aesthetics
Case Study: Aesthetics – Heritage Mountain Elementary
(WMV, 14 MB)

Case Study: Responsibility
Case Study: Responsibility – Spencer Middle School
(WMV, 14.8 MB)

Case Study: Ethics
Case Study: Ethics – KLO Middle School
(WMV, 18.5 MB)

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps connect environmental concepts to K-12 learning outcomes in all subject areas.