Using B.C. Performance Standards

Performance standards describe levels of achievement in key areas of learning. Performance standards answer the questions:

"How good is good enough? What does it look like when a student's work has met the expectations at this grade level?"

Four Levels of Student Performance

The BC Performance Standards describe and illustrate the following four levels of student performance in terms of prescribed learning outcomes relevant to the key areas of reading, writing, numeracy, social responsibility and information and communications technology.

Not Yet Within Expectations

  • the work does not meet grade-level expectations
  • there is little evidence of progress toward the relevant prescribed learning outcomes
  • the situation needs intervention

Minimally Meets Expectations

  • the work may be inconsistent, but meets grade-level expectations at a minimal level
  • there is evidence of progress toward relevant prescribed learning outcomes
  • the student needs support in some areas

Fully Meets Expectations

  • the work meets grade-level expectations
  • there is evidence that relevant prescribed learning outcomes have been accomplished

Exceeds Expectations

  • the work exceeds grade-level expectations in significant ways
  • the student may benefit from extra challenge