Microsoft / Cisco / CompTIA – Computer Certification

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Each certification is administered by the certifying organization (Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA) and the tests are conducted through a local exam centre.

Certificate or Official Document

Certificates presented as proof of completion should contain the title, date of completion, and seal of the certifying agency. Certifications must be valid at the time the credit is recorded. Credit will not be given for expired or discontinued certifications.

Students may receive 4 credits at the Grade 10, Grade 11, or Grade 12 level. Where a certification is listed at multiple Grade levels, credit may be granted at both levels for the same certification. Certifications have been organized by the typical progression through a given area, considering both recommended prerequisites and subsequent areas of study. The fact that two different programs may be listed at the same Grade level does not indicate any commonality of content.

Certification Information 


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