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Last updated on March 14, 2023

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Driver Training Industry Support Department

Students who complete an ICBC - Approved Driver Education Course may receive credit for earning the “Declaration of Completion.” ICBC worked with the driver training industry to develop a standard curriculum for driving schools. Driving schools that follow this curriculum and meet other standards set by ICBC have their course approved for the Graduated Licensing Program.

A list of driver training schools offering an approved course is available on the Driver Training and Assessment Standards website at

Certificate or Official Document

Upon successful completion of the course, the Driver Training School issues an original blue 8.5” x.11” copy of the “Declaration of Completion” with a Driver Training School stamp affixed. A Driver Training School stamp shows the Driver Training School name and the ICBC license number. If it is necessary for the school to issue a replacement photocopy of the original document, only accept one with a designated driving school original stamp.

The Declaration of Completion has a serial number in the top right hand corner that includes the student’s name, date of birth, driver’s license number, signature of the approved Driver Training School signing authority, and date of issue. No marks or percentages are assigned as the document is issued on a pass basis.

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