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Certificate or Official Document

A pilot is issued an Aviation Document Booklet. This is a blue book that looks very much like a Canadian Passport. The first page provides information and photos of the document holder and issue and expiry date information. Starting on page 3 of the document are “labels” that are inserted as the individual receives licenses and medicals over the 5 years the booklet is valid. Each label also includes a photo and is only valid if installed in the correct booklet identified on the label and within the booklet on page 24. A label on its own is not a valid document. The inside rear cover (page 25) provides information on the abbreviations used on the labels.

Information – Personnel Licensing

Students seeking credit for a Canadian Pilot’s Licence are required to present documentation as proof of successfully completing the program. Aviation Personnel Licensing in Canada is administered by Transport Canada.

Types of Licences: Minimum Age

Pilot Permit Ultra-light Aeroplane: 16
Pilot Licence-Glider: 16
Pilot Permit-Recreational Aeroplane: 16
Pilot Licence-Balloon: 17
Private Pilot Licence-Aeroplane: 17
Private Pilot Licence-Helicopter: 17
Pilot Permit-Gyroplane: 17
Commercial Pilot Licence-Aeroplane: 18
Commercial Pilot Licence-Helicopter: 18
Airline Transport Pilot Licence-Aeroplane: 21
Airline Transport Pilot Licence-Helicopter: 21
Flight Engineer Licence: 18

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