B.C. Ministry of Agriculture – Youth and Community Development Programs (and 4-H Programs)

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4-H Grading System: %

A: 86-100
B: 75-85

Certificate or Official Document

The required credential has the 4-H logo in the bottom left corner and one of the following three titles: 4-H Program Pin Certification; 4-H Project Pin Certification; or 4-H Honour Pin Certification.

Certificates, pins and exams are administered and evaluated by the Ministry of Agriculture (Youth Development Programs) and 4-H leaders. Certificates include the 4-H program name, student’s name, program requirements, mark, verification signature and date. Percentages or scores are recorded on the certificates if final evaluation is available.

Contact Information

Youth Development Manager 4-H
1767 Angus Campbell Rd., Abbotsford, BC V3G 2M3
Phone: 604.556.3067
Fax: 604.556.3030
Website: www.bc4h.bc.ca