Graduation assessment information for parents and students

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Assessment schedule

View the assessment schedule for the current school year, including dates, times and other key information.

Prepare for an assessment

Prepare for your assessment – take advantage of sample questions and answers and other useful information.

Review or rewrite a graduation assessment

If you have questions about your assessment, or would like to write again, these are your options:


You can view your assessment responses through the review process. Reviews can be helpful when preparing to re-take an assessment.

To request a review, the student and principal must fill out a Provincial Assessment Review Request Form. Review requests can take up to 7 business days to process. Additional information can be found in the BC Graduation Program Handbook of Procedures.

You can re-take the Graduation Assessments to improve your proficiency score. Your best level achieved will be counted as your final result.

For more information about how to register to write an assessment, please refer to the Rewrite section in the Handbook of Procedures.