Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases among children and youth.  It requires appropriate care in the school setting to ensure student safety, well-being and optimal academic performance.

Type 1 Diabetes is the most common in childhood years.  Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, obesity and family predisposition has led to the rise of Type 2 Diabetes among children.

Provincial standards create a safe and supportive environment for children by outlining the roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians, school administrators, and health authorities.

Standards, services and supports are based on best practice developed by Child Health BC: 

Learn about keeping student records and medical alerts:

Planning with Parents

Work closely with parents to provide the support their child's needs – especially in an emergency situation. 

Start building a support plan for each child by having parents complete the following form:

Assist parents with notifying Nursing Support Services of children that need assistance with monitoring glucose levels or administering insulin:

If parents wish to have glucagon given in the event of an emergency, have them complete the following form and get it signed by their child’s physician.