Reciprocal Tuition

Reciprocal tuition funds eligible students who attend a First Nations school instead of a public school.

Last updated: August 24, 2022

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How Reciprocal Tuition Works

  • The Province makes each payment based on the average funding for full-time students in the same district as the First Nation operated school
  • First Nations remain responsible for tuition of students who live on reserve and choose to attend public schools

Students who attend BC Certified First Nations Independent schools are identified through the 1701 Process for Reciprocal Tuition eligibility.

Application Process with Key Dates

  • During the Week Starting August 22, 2022- FNESC, the First Nation Schools Association (FNSA), and/or the ministry make this application package available
  • By Tuesday, September 6, 2022- Applicants return Form 1601, called First Nations School Data Collection, to the Ministry
  • By Friday, September 23, 2022- First Nation schools applying for the first time provide a signed and witnessed Reciprocal Tuition Agreement and mail or courier a direct deposit application
  • By Monday, September 26, 2022 - Applicants request a Personal Education Number (PEN) for each reciprocal tuition student not already assigned one. (First Nation schools that returned Form 1601 will have been provided access to the PEN web application)
  • By Friday, October 7, 2022 - Applicants send the ministry their spreadsheet of eligible students (as at Thursday, September 29, 2022), and a signed reciprocal tuition checklist, complete with proof of current FNSA school certification, such as an official letter or a legible photocopy of a plaque
  • During the Week Ending Friday, October 14, 2022- The ministry notifies applicants of any duplicate enrolments between First Nation and public or independent schools
  • By Friday, October 21, 2022 - Applicants resolve all duplicate enrolments
  • On or shortly before January 31, 2023- The Province sends successful applicants appropriate payment

2022/23 Reciprocal Tuition Funding Application Package

  1. An overview of the procedures (PDF) governing the Reciprocal Tuition Data Collection for Non-Independent First Nations Schools
  2. Quick reference instructions for completing Form 1601 (PDF) First Nations School Data Collection
  3. Form 1601: First Nations School Data Collection (PDF)
  4. Quick reference instructions for Reciprocal Tuition Student Data Collection (PDF)
  5. Sample student-level spreadsheet (XLS)
  6. Reciprocal Tuition Agreement (PDF) (for first-time applicants only)
  7. A Reciprocal Tuition Checklist (PDF) 
    (which includes First Nations Schools Association school certification)
  8. Reciprocal Tuition Direct Deposit Application (PDF)
    (for first time applicants only and must be sent by mail or courier)