Marker credentialing

The purpose of the credentialing workshop is to:

  1. Outline the duties and responsibilities of markers
  2. Establish valid and reliable marking processes
  3. Credential B.C. teachers for the purpose of marking

Last updated: April 27, 2021

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Register for a workshop

To register for an upcoming Numeracy or Literacy credentialing workshop, please email You will be notified as soon as sessions are scheduled.

Workshop format

The workshops consist of an orientation to the provincial assessment, familiarization with the marking rubrics, and reviewing sample student responses. Participants will also receive feedback on their marking of sample responses. 

During the workshop, participants will complete two assessments:

  1. Literacy or Numeracy Assessment (30 minutes): Respond to one constructed response question. Responses will be marked by the facilitators.
  2. Credentialing Assessment (90 minutes): Mark 40 sample responses electronically

Participants must complete the workshop and both assessments to become a credentialed marker.