Marking B.C. Provincial Assessments

Last updated: April 18, 2023

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To be eligible to mark the Provincial Literacy and Numeracy Assessments, you must:

  • Hold a valid B.C. or Yukon teacher certification 
  • Teach at a B.C. or Yukon certified school 
  • Complete a credentialing workshop
  • Be familiar with the curriculum and concepts reflected within the assessment
  • Be professional and collegial

Apply to mark

New applicants

Register for a Basic BCeID

The first step to becoming a marker requires that you create an online ID for secure access to B.C. government services.

Returning markers

Log with your Basic BCeID

You have a Basic BceID and are familiar with the Marker Portal.

Marker credentialing

Attend a workshop

You must first attend and successfully pass a credentialing workshop.  

Selection process

Teachers invited to mark will receive an email invitation two to three months prior to a marking session. Due to the large number of applications received every year, selection of an applicant to a team might not be possible. Participation in any one session does not guarantee selection for the following sessions. 

Marking activities often occur on weekends or statutory holidays. Since a successful applicant will be appointed to and become an essential member of a marking team, it is important that the applicant is able to participate full-time in a team's assignment.

In addition to the eligibility items listed above, markers must be present in B.C. or Yukon during the time of marking. Due to the grade level of the assessments, hiring priority will be given to those currently in Secondary Schools (grades 8-12).   

Contact information

If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the Marker Portal email: