Learning Resources: Withdrawal of Recommended Learning Resources

Date came into force or revised

Issued and in effect June 1, 2000



Policy Statement

Learning resources will retain Recommended status for five years, after which time continued status as a Recommended learning resource will be subject, but not limited to, criteria such as curriculum relevance, currency and availability.

Rationale or purpose of the policy

This policy provides information relating to the termination of the Recommended status granted to learning resources. This will provide clarity for teachers and school districts in their selection and management of learning resources to support curriculum initiatives.


Under the authority of the School Act (PDF), Section 168 (2) (e):

168 (2) The minister may make orders for the purpose of carrying out any of the minister's powers, duties or functions under this Act and, without restriction, may make orders…

(e) governing educational resource materials in support of educational programs

Section 3 of Ministerial Order 333/99, the Educational Program Guide Order (PDF), should be referred to in conjunction with this policy:

3. (1) A board or francophone education authority may only use the following educational resource materials:

(a) resource materials in an educational program guide specified in section 1 of this Order;

(b) resource materials in a document referred to in column 1 of Table 1;

(c) the educational resource materials referred to as authorized or recommended in the most recent "Catalogue of Learning Resources," published from time to time by the Ministry of Education;

(d) other educational resource materials that, subsequent to the publication of the Catalogue referred to in paragraph (c), are designated by the minister as authorized or recommended; and

(e) educational resource materials that the board or francophone education authority considers are appropriate for individual students or groups of students.

(2) Before a board or francophone education authority uses educational resource materials referred to in subsection (1) (e), the board or francophone education authority must approve those educational resource materials in accordance with evaluation and selection criteria and procedures established by the board or francophone education authority.

Policy in full

Resources will retain their Recommended status for five years after which time they may be withdrawn from Recommended status. A withdrawal earlier than five years will occur if there is a successful challenge to the learning resource or the learning resource has been determined to be unsuitable as a result of a Ministry review. Schools may continue to use a learning resource after withdrawal provided local school district approval is then obtained for the continued use of the learning resource pursuant to Section 3 of Ministerial Order 333/99, the Educational Program Guide Order.

Procedures related to the policy

The Curriculum and Assessment Branch is responsible for the withdrawal of learning resources and will identify learning resources for withdrawal from Recommended status and the grade collections.