School District 38 - William Bridge Elementary

Project Status: Design

City/Town:  Richmond

Project Scope:   This project includes the seismic mitigation of the K-7, two-storey, wood-frame building constructed in 1969 with additions and renovations in 1971, 1975, 1980, and 2002. Temporary accommodation, in the form of portable classrooms, is required as there is insufficient surplus capacity at nearby schools to accommodate the Early French Immersion program for the duration of the project.

Estimated Project Value:  $16.06 million

News ReleaseMore Richmond students will learn in seismically safer schools

School Website:

Estimated Project Milestones

Tender and Award:  January 2022
Construction Initiation:  Spring 2022
Occupancy:  Fall 2023

School District Project Contact

Project Manager: 

Frank Geyer - Executive Director, Planning & Development