School District 40 - Skwo:wech Elementary

skwowech elementary

Project Status: Occupied

City/Town: New Westminster

Project Scope: This project includes a full seismic replacement to build a new Skwo:wech Elementary school, an immediate priority under the Province’s Seismic Mitigation Program. The new school will have three more classrooms to accommodate enrolment growth (80K/425E Capacity). There will be space for the existing StrongStart program within the school, and a Neighbourhood Learning Centre to accommodate the existing before- and after-school care programs, which are housed in a portable and an outbuilding. Students will stay in the current building while the new Skwo:wech Elementary school is being built.

Estimated Project Value:  $34.98 million

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Estimated Project Milestones:

  • Tender and Award: January 2020
  • Construction Initiation: Summer 2021
  • Occupancy: Spring 2022

News Release:

School District Project Contact

Dave Crowe
Manager, Projects & Capital Planning