School District 22 - B X Elementary

BX Elementary Addition

Project Status:  Occupied

City/Town:  Vernon

Project Scope: This project includes the construction of a 240-seat expansion to give students a better educational experience and eliminate the need for portables. BX Elementary school was first built in 1961, with additions in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1980. This project will be the first school expansion to be completed in the Vernon School District since 2003-04. When the new classrooms are open, the school is expected to operate at 85% capacity. Students will have more space to take advantage of B.C.’s new curriculum, with no need for portables.

Estimated Project Value:  $11.1M

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Estimated Project Milestones:

Tender and Award: Spring 2020
Construction Initiation: Summer 2020
Occupancy: Fall 2021

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School District Project Contact

Project Manager: Archie Stogianos

Number:  250-549-9210