PEN Assignment and Attendance

 Coordinate with your school administrator the process you will use to:

  • Ensure each child attending a StrongStart BC program is assigned a Personal Education Number (PEN)
  • Collect enrolment and attendance information about children attending the program – including names, birthdates and any other information required for the successful operation of the program
  • Report regularly to the Ministry of Education and Child Care

Personal Education Numbers (PENs)

The following is an overview of the PEN request process:

  1. Collect registration forms for every child attending the program.
  2. Verify each child’s identity.
  3. Submit a PEN request.

Be sure that your StrongStart BC registration form includes the following student information:

  • Legal surname
  • Legal given name
  • Legal middle name
  • Usual surname
  • Usual given name
  • Usual middle name
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Residential Postal Code

For verification purposes, parents are asked to present proof of their child’s identity at the time of registration. Acceptable legal documents include: 

  • Any type of vital statistics document like a birth certificate
  • Identification / documents issued by Immigration Canada or the B.C. Government (e.g. passport, visa, permanent resident card, certificate of citizenship, BCID)
  • An Aboriginal Status card