B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma Program

Adult learners (18 and older) can enrol in this program to take courses as credit towards their Adult Graduation Diploma. Courses can be taken at school district continuing education centres, or as part of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program at a post-secondary institution.

You may also get credit recognition for current or past work skills or competencies or completed post-secondary training courses by undertaking a Prior Learning Assessment. Continuing education centres can help with this step by reviewing your past work history to determine if it qualifies for a course credit. This will ensure you start at a course level that is comfortable for you and/or help you gain the skills needed to successfully complete graduation requirements

Getting Your Credential

To graduate with an Adult Dogwood, students must have an English, Communications or First Peoples English 12 (or higher), a Math 11 and at least three additional Grade 12 electives or Socials 11 and two additional Grade 12 electives. Courses and credits can be counted from either or both of the public secondary and post-secondary systems.

For more questions and answers regarding the Adult Dogwood, please refer to the ABE Articulation guide (PDF, 5.4MB).

The B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma: "The Adult Dogwood"

B.C. Post Secondary System Qualifying Courses

B.C. Secondary School System Qualifying Courses

A Provincial Level (Grade 12) English or higher OR

A Language Arts 12 (4 credits)

An Advanced (Grade 11) or Provincial Level or higher Mathematics* OR  A Mathematics 11 or 12 (4 credits)
Three additional courses at the Provincial Level or higher or Advanced Social Sciences and two Provincial Level courses or higher OR Three Grade 12 Ministry-authorized Courses (4 credits each) or Social Studies 11 (4 credits) and two Grade 12 Ministry-authorized Courses (4 credits each) (12 credits total)
Total: 5 courses Total: 20 credits

*A student is also able to take and obtain credit towards the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD) for both Advanced level and Provincial level (or higher) Mathematics. In the latter case, Mathematics would be one of the electives.

Students can also use other course credits towards graduation, for example:

  • Adult Basic Education courses (offered at many colleges and universities)
  • Post-secondary courses
  • Ministry-authorized courses taken a long time ago

The institution issuing the diploma will require all transfer credit information and relevant transcripts in order to verify courses taken and grades received.

Transcripts: Getting a transcript to prove credits will depend on where courses were taken.

Courses taken…

At a B.C. high school

Find out how to get your transcript

At a post-secondary institution

Contact the institution to request a transcript